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01:05 p.m. - 2020-04-15
You say you hate me. You call me names. You get aggressive towards me. You tell me that we don’t get on. Yet we spent so much time living in one another’s pocket, having sex, doing things together and even cooking meals n’ eating together. I struggle to understand how we don’t get on. I feel like it’s something you manufacture to give cause to your feelings and attitude towards me. I don’t understand it, except to say that life became a lot more complicated after I met you. Nothing is as black and white as spending time, being in a relationship after so long and raising this little boy together. No, things are more complicated - always. Questions and trying to work out where i stand, you act like it’s the Spanish Inquisition, rather than just realising I need answers or reassurance or both. I’ve never met a man who backs away when questioned, who gets so defensive and it bothers me because the guilty get defensive or have something to hide. It’s how you always behave, rather than just having a rational conversation and communicating. Maybe a part of you doesn’t want to communicate. Maybe you decided I’m not worthy of it, because I fail to fit a mould you and your friends created of a perfect woman.



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